Services I provide


There are many coaches in the world so why choose me? I have been using NLP style coaching for over 15 years in my private practice and during that time I have worked with many clients worldwide. I am now elevating my coaching practice by studying at Masters’ level so that the coaching I provide is evidence-based and not from the realms of self-help & pseudoscience. Therefore you can trust that I will bring integrity, confidentiality & experience into our coaching experience. I work creatively with whatever learning style you prefer. Let me help you gain some clarity about your goals and help you reach them. How about booking a discovery call to discuss how I can help you & we can see how well my approach blends with yours?


I have trained in many therapeutic interventions and so have many tools with which to help you. I specialise in releasing negative emotional responses from past events, re-writing your narrative and moving from a place of self doubt to a place of self compassion and belief in your abilities to thrive. I use ACT, CBT, hypnosis, time line work, metaphors and transactional analysis to help you move on and enjoy life again. I can help you see what is holding you back, release it and shape a new, improved future for yourself.


I have worked extensively as a hypnotherapist to develop my own style of hypnotherapy. I use a combination of techniques that work alongside altered states of awareness rather than the normal script work you’ll find other practitioners doing. I find this allows for greater flexibility and a more bespoke approach to an individual’s issues. I can help with phobias, fears, letting go of the past through time line work, visualisation, reconstructive metaphor work etc. I have lots of experience working with women to empower them through their transition into motherhood and beyond but am open to working with anyone who is a good fit and I feel I can help. A good place to start is an introductory chat to see how I can help you and if I’m the right person to do so. Why not arrange a call today so we can see if my approach is the right one for you?


Hopefully these will answer any questions you might have but if not, just contact me and I’ll happily answer on the phone or via zoom.

I am based near Shrewsbury in Shropshire, England but am happy to offer zoom sessions online to anyone who is further afield or who prefers the convenience of online sessions.

I have worked for over 15 years so have had session supporting a great number of different issues. However I have specialised in supporting woman to find purpose & meaning in their lives, change careers and transition easily into motherhood.

The best thing to do is to arrange a call or a zoom chat so we can meet. Then we can discuss briefly what you might need help with and I am then able to design a package of intervention to suit you. This might be purely coaching, just therapy or a combination of them both. It may be that we begin with therapy and then move into coaching. As everyone is unique, I will work with you particular needs to provide you with what you require but am happy to provide coaching without therapy if you don’t want to work on your past and vice versa. 

Pure coaching is a managed conversation between a client and coach where we are mostly future focussed, goal driven and does not include any advice. If working with a competent coach who has undertaken a good level of training, they may ask if you want to try out techniques or signpost you to useful information but the won’t tell you what you should be doing. This is the role of a mentor. Coaching sessions will predominantly involve the client doing the majority of the talk and the coach will guide and manage the conversation to enable the client through useful questioning. 

Therapy involves investigating beliefs/core values that may need changing or improving. It generally works to release issues from your past that might be getting in the way of your present or future. It does not necessarily require deep dives into painful pasts but it is useful to acknowledge how the past might be shaping your current narrative and change it. A skilled therapist will guide you through a path of self discovery, will help you make long lasting changes and provide solid foundations with which you can look to the future. 

There is flexibility within all my packages to design the level of input and investment that is right for you. Feel free to talk frankly with me about what your budget is and how long you wish to work together and we’ll find a way to design a package for you. The packages outlined are just suggestions to be used as a guide.